MMO MAC 2015 - The best new MMORPGs of 2015 (7 games found)

Right after the MMORPG 2014 for mac rankings, we offer the list of the new MMORPGs for mac 2015, which contains the best of new games for mac released in 2015, or coming soon.

Most of the MMORPG 2015 for mac are set in a medieval or fantasy universe, but you can also found for this year a really good space browser-based MMORPG, and the 2D MMORPG Aerena.

If you want to add a new MMORPG for this year or a new MMORPG for 2016 to keep this list up to date, do not hesitate to fill in the form submit a new game !

MMORPG for mac Nosgoth



Do you yearn for domination of a unique and post-apocalyptic world ? Looking for the next great free to play mmorpg for Mac ? Nosgoth 2015 may just be the gritty, action-packed adventure you're looking for. Set in the Legacy of Kain universe,...

MMORPG for mac Albion Online

Albion Online


Albion Online is a cross-platform Indie Sandbox MMORPG 2015 that takes place in a vast medieval world. Players create characters, choosing attributes down to skin and underwear color, and get dropped into the game world to fend for themselves. Initially,...

MMORPG for mac Blitzkrieg 3

Blitzkrieg 3


Blitzkrieg 3: The Real Time Strategy MMO that will Blow Your Mind! Blitzkrieg 3 is a game that delivers intense battles, strategic planning, explosions, and highly competitive game play. This MMORTS 2015 (real time strategy) game puts you in command of a...

MMORPG for mac Das Tal

Das Tal


When it comes to MMO video games for mac 2015, most are played in the third person variety where gamers can experience a 3D environment while still seeing how their created character interacts with the environment around it. However, there is a...

MMORPG for mac Hex: Shards of Fate

Hex: Shards of Fate


HEX: Shards of Fate is an exciting new mmorpg trading card game for mac with elements of a digital card game 2015. Funding for the project was received through a Kickstarter campaign where it raised $2,278,255. The game is...

MMORPG for mac Shiness



Shiness is an indie mmorpg for mac os x 2015 that evokes styles of RPG with manga design, developed by Yniss Interactive. The game was funded through use of community funding site Kickstarter and to date has far surpassed it's initial goal...

MMORPG for mac Hover: Revolt of Gamers

Hover: Revolt of Gamers


Hover: Revolt of Gamers is an arcade game that is set in a futuristic alien world. The city is in trouble because their leader also known as the Great Manager, wants to put a ban on video games and basically stop everyone from having fun. You can get this game as...