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There is often a problem that every Mac user is faced with at some point, and that is the lack of games available for the Mac. Many companies try to produce Mac-friendly versions of their game, but they are always riddled with bugs and never quite the same. The “MMORPG” category is the worse offender of all the genres, often being only playable to a certain point before crashing; they even demand that you still pay for it! The creators of Wartune, a free mmorpg for Mac, saw this dilemma and decided to make a game specifically for the Mac.

Wartune is a free mmorpg for mac, that is a unique hybrid blend of RPG and strategy in a vast 2.5D world. The RPG characteristic comes from the role you take on within the game either as a Knight, Mage, or Archer, who’s abilities shape the role they provide within a group. The talent tree available for each class unlocks as you level up, giving access to spells and passive benefits for group events or pvping. Each class can be built to suit the players style, whether they wish to heal allies, set their enemies on fire, or take one for the team, the classes of Wartune are blank slates for the player to mold.

Strategy is another important aspect of the Wartune universe, and is represented in the management of your very own town. Your village starts out small, but as you progress it obtains new and exciting features that can help further your character. Managing the gold from your adventures is very important, and will help in constructing the village into a mighty castle capable of withstanding any foe.

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