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 Tribal Wars 2

Tribal Wars 2 is a new free strategy MMORPG for Mac and PC. This no download MMORPG 2014 places players in a medieval universe where they are the ruler of a castle in a war torn landscape. Players expand their realm by upgrading buildings, assembling armies and fighting for territory in real time PvP matches. Fuel your resources and progress by attacking and looting other players while working through quests. Brute strength isn’t the only important factor to achieving victory in this browser-based game though, forging political allegiances with other online players allows you to team up for even greater rewards.

When new players join the battle, an in-game tutorial will introduce them to the basics, features and mechanics of Tribal Wars 2, instantly enabling them to understand and enjoy this free online strategy game by InnoGames. Right from the start players will be able to jump in and begin honing their battle strategies and planning their castle management. Complete the optional quests and gain even more progress, or find own way and discover individual paths to greatness and domination.

Improvements over the original Tribal Wars, the groundbreaking 2003 MMO classic, include dynamic map information, customizable tribe quests and superior graphics and user interfaces. Tribal Wars 2, the new browser-based game, will be available in over 18 languages and launch with multiple country servers for worldwide playability. This no download MMORPG will also have an app for smart phones and tablets for even more ways to experience this new MMORPG for Mac and PC.

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