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Siegelord, an amazing Browser-based MMORPG for mac, with several different arenas to play in, gamers will always find something to keep them occupied. Because of the complexity of the game, newbies can find themselves feeling lost, but with a little perseverance, they will soon become masters of the game.

The game launched as free to play 2014 and is still operating on this platform. Although players can enhance game play by purchasing diamonds, this game is generous in awarding diamonds to newbies and loyal players. With daily log in bonuses, events and rewards systems, Siegelord is one of the most generous MMORPGs for mac.

Game play begins on the Scenario board. This setting serves as an introduction to the game and is the area gamers recruit their generals from. After players become acclimated to the Scenario area, the game unlocks the world map. Up until this point, all the generals the player has recruited will automatically appear in battle. On the world map, game play changes and players can now interact with other faction members and ally with other players.

Players can also train their Generals on the world map in the Manor. Players can choose to obtain extra experience or food, a valuable commodity that is required to recharge troops after battle. As players become more comfortable moving about in the gaming world, the social aspect of this browser-based MMORPG for mac sets in and alliances are forged amongst faction members. The tug of war to gain control of the world is the driving force of the game.

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