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Shiness is an indie mmorpg for mac os x 2015 that evokes styles of RPG with manga design, developed by Yniss Interactive. The game was funded through use of community funding site Kickstarter and to date has far surpassed it’s initial goal unlocking further bonuses and features.

The gameplay engages the player in the planet of Mahera as they travel the adventurous Sky Islands where they meet two wolf/badger-like creatures of the Waki species, named Chado and Poky, as they embark on the biggest journey of their lives. With 20 years in the making, Shiness has finally been made possible and is being made available to PC, Linux, PS4, and Apple adding a new title to the ever-expanding platform of games available for mac as a mmorpg for mac os x.

Players have to hunt, explore, and discover in order to build-up their characters all while defeating bosses, monsters, and solving intricate puzzles in order to acquire certain items. True to its manga core, the games battle system take the form of a fighting game with little transition from exploration mode to battle mode. The pace is kept fast as players exercise freedom over the characters movements, unlike most mmorpgs that are turn-based.

Unique amongst the genre is the interaction the players have in the world where their approach to a quest and it’s result will affect and change the world in a dynamic way. Even supporting NPCs attitude will change towards the player.

Shiness is probably one of the most anticipated indie MMORPG 2015 for mac.

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