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Do you yearn for domination of a unique and post-apocalyptic world ? Looking for the next great free to play mmorpg for Mac ? Nosgoth 2015 may just be the gritty, action-packed adventure you’re looking for. Set in the Legacy of Kain universe, players align themselves with Vampire or Human factions hell-bent on destruction of each other.

Though originally released in 2013 as a single-player experience, this mmorpg for mac and windows has evolved into a player-versus-player system that is dominating games free to play 2015. Nosgoth is currently in open beta status since January of this year. Each faction has a unique set of classes, from ranged to melee character types. Within each class lies an array of special abilities both active and passive in nature that assist players in attaining victory for their faction. Humans in particular have more ranged-based combat like explosives and crossbows while Vampires specialize in melee combat by climbing walls and clawing their way through Human resistance.

This third-person shooter advances through two methods of gameplay, Deathmatch and Flashpoint. In Deathmatch, groups of Vampires and Humans face off against one another in a bloody battle royale. The first team to reach a predetermined kill count is the victor. Or if both teams run out of time, the team with the highest kill count will be the winner. In Flashpoint, the Human race is tasked with stealing controlled locations from their Vampire counterparts. In return, the Vampire faction must successfully protect their bases in order to win this challenge.

In Nosgoth, players are immersed into a chaotic world where any outcome is possible. Only time will tell which side will emerge victorious. Which side will you choose?

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