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 Hex: Shards of Fate

HEX: Shards of Fate is an exciting new mmorpg trading card game for mac with elements of a digital card game 2015. Funding for the project was received through a Kickstarter campaign where it raised $2,278,255. The game is available on Windows and OS X but, as of April of 2014 it remains a closed beta release.

Customize your own warriors with gear and abilities to create enhanced skills as you either join the righteous side as Human Warriors in the realm of Carloth.
With the pure magic of The Elves are expert craftsmen that create unique weaponry from nature.
The nomads called the The Coyotle from the Howling Plains are very agile warriors. The mountain worshiping Orcs who prefer to battle others that they deem a worthy challenge. These hunters will only kill those who pose a threat and are hell bent on destroying the abominable Vennen.

If evil is more your speed then the Dwarves destructive capabilities are more for you. The rabid Shin’hare will depose of any life form that gets in their way. The hybrid spider Orcs named the Vennen extremely sadistic with the help of Blood Magic. The undead named the Necrotic with the power of Hexing Gems derived from an Aliens civilization.

This game is based on the novel set in the universe within The Accidental Knight by Bestselling Author Christie Golden that elaborately details the journey of a man named William and the conflicts he confronts in his world all in the form of a mmorpg trading card game.
You can level your cards to the point of transforming them with experience into higher level playing cards. Socket Gems allow stronger ability upgrades to be summoned by your cards as you go along.

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