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 Das Tal

When it comes to MMO video games for mac 2015, most are played in the third person variety where gamers can experience a 3D environment while still seeing how their created character interacts with the environment around it. However, there is a new, although albeit almost retro style of MMOs that is starting to make its way up in the indie gaming community. The sandbox style of gaming is just as it sounds. The characters look as if they are being played with in a small environment sandbox, with areas coming in and out of focus as they move in-between environments. The gameplay is not directly overhead, but at a slight angle, so there are more proportions to the characters. This is exactly the style Das Tal is designed in and it is what makes it a unique and rather enjoyable MMORPG for Mac and Windows.

With the Das Tal, which is one of the free to play 2015 games that gamers should check out, it is still in the beta testing phase, in order to work out any sort of kinks that might be found in it. For those who are interested in checking out the beta testing, it can be applied for at the Das Tal website. The game takes place primarily in a desert like setting, almost with an old west kind of feel and vibe to it, but there is a specific path that loops through the game that does make it easy to pinpoint locations and to follow to next missions and questions, but the gamers can always move off of the path in search for upgrades.

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