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 Battle Dawn

Battle Dawn is a free to play mmorpg for Mac, that is playable within the browser. Any fan of the classic “Risk” board game will see the similarities between the two, along with the many beneficial additions to Battle Dawn that make it the next step in this gaming lineage. As this mmorpg for the mac was built with the Macs operating system in mind, the player will not encounter the often common bugs associated with “Mac version” games.

As the commander of an army you decide how to achieve victory, with every player on the map comes new options, such as forming an alliance or decimating their defenses. Strike at your foe head on, or maneuver quietly along the coast while an ally distracts them; strategy is of the utmost importance on this battlefield. All of this information is obtained and managed through the main interface panel, where the commander is alerted to messages and any movement in the vicinity of your empire.

There are three map styles to choose from, ‘Earth’, ‘Mars’, and ‘Medieval’, with each map being full-sized and available to play immediately. Each map offers a unique experience, ‘Earth’ for example is a full-scale map of the world with your base location being one of many across the globe. So, find yourself a piece of North America and begin the process of constructing your empire, which will lead to more units, buildings, and strategies that can be deployed to achieve total victory.

Battle Dawn is a game of patience, analyzing, and decisiveness. Unlike many other mmorpgs for mac, Battle Dawn has a focus on the strategist who seeks global domination through careful planning and a pinch of risk taking.

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