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Astro Lords: Oort Cloud is a MMORTS for Macbook air that was free to play in 2014. During the beta test, more than 2,800 players logged over 45,000 hours of playing time. Now the game is officially released, and they wiped out all the beta-testing activity so that you can start playing fresh.

This sci-fi strategy MMORPG for Mac is available on iOS, Windows, Android, and was powered by Unity. In this game, you start your own asteroid base, acting as its Astro Lord. You’ll then enjoy such great features as:
– Building up your asteroid base, extracting materials, and maintaining factories to produce the gear that your space ships need: You can have as many as six asteroids, but you have to watch out for other players who want to raid and capture your bases.
– Avoiding asteroids as they move through the Oort Cloud while you’re looking for fresh resources, safety, trades, and enemies
– Battling against aliens, as well as other Astro Lords in real-time
– Customizing your five mercenary generals, as well as your Commander-in-Chief as they progress, level up, and learn new skills

This is a truly fun and exciting MMORPG wherein you’ll engage in real-time space combat. The environments are really interesting, adding to the enjoyment of this game. Of course, you’ll also enjoy engaging in deep exploration and colonization of space. Now that they’ve worked out all the kinks, you’ll have a lot of fun playing this game!


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