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 Albion Online

Albion Online is a cross-platform Indie Sandbox MMORPG 2015 that takes place in a vast medieval world. Players create characters, choosing attributes down to skin and underwear color, and get dropped into the game world to fend for themselves.

Initially, players will gather materials, like lumber and animal pelts, in order to craft weapons and resources they will use to further their progress in the game. Everything in Albion, from housing to apparel, is created by the player, allowing for a world full of customization. This open direction is a key distinction between Albion Online and other games similar to this MMORPG for Mac 2015.

While Albion does not have quests, like many other MMO games, it guides players using the destiny board, an advanced skill tree. The ability to unlock higher grades or armor and weapons is based on unlocking goals explained by the destiny board. A character’s combat abilities are tied to their gear and weapons, so unlocking higher levels will allow for more dominant combat powers. Combat is important in Albion because the game world can be a dangerous place. Multiple enemy classes will present themselves, such as the Heretics, Disciples of Morgana, Keepers of Albion and the Undead. While the enemies have classes, the players do not, allowing players to change abilities on the fly by adjusting the items that are equipped. Other players might pose a danger alongside the enemies, because PvP play is available.

Albion Online possesses a definite social aspect, so the way players interact with each other could have major implications for their success later in the game. Teaming up with other players is encouraged as well, especially since the punishments for dying are severe. Albion Online will be an available MMORPG for Mac 2015, and the cross-platform capabilities will allow Mac players to play alongside their friends on other platforms as well.

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