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Itching for the next sensation in cross-platform gaming? Are you a fan of Steampunk? Aerena is an innovative fresh take on free mmorpg Mac games 2014, mixing elements of turn-based action with tactical strategy in a futuristic world.

In this challenging multiplayer adventure, you’ll pit your diverse group of warriors against your opponents in the escalating energy war for precious Aether. Construct powerful airships, perfect your strategies with over 20 unique guardians, and wage war over nine air bound arenas! Voted one of the best strategy apps of 2014, this free mmorpg mac game has over 300 achievements to unlock and solo missions when you’re not in the mood for world domination.

In a typical battle, two opposing groups of warriors are placed on a 7×7 square map where they duel to the death. The goal here is to destroy your enemy’s ship while guarding yours. Players can move their battle-hardened warriors on this grid to perform debilitating attacks or push rivals into obstacles or other players. Push your enemies far back enough to knock them off the map for a quicker victory! Special tiles on these battle maps provide a variety of effects, from healing your recruits, generating Aether, to causing damage or even death of your characters.

This mmorpg for Mac to download is available on multiple platforms through Steam, Google Play, and the Apple App store. This creates unlimited possibilities as the cross-platform capabilities bring together a great variety of different players. Will you take the crown of Aether master? Only time will tell in the fascinating realm of Aerena!

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